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Waste Management Services

The professional waste management services that AKO offers its clients is risk free. We take care of your trash while taking care to minimise on any form of environmental impact.

AKO provides professional waste management services on remote sites and camps whereby we work closely with the regional and national environmental regulations. As per Environmental Management Act, 2004 (No. 20 of 2004) our team of experts engage with local authorities while ensuring all the necessary waste management licenses, registration, business and disposal permits are in place.

Strict administrative processes and operational controls as well as regulatory compliance are key to ensuring the maximum operation levels of safety and efficiency are implemented at authorized designated dumping sites.
Therefore, AKO ensures:

  • Each segment of our waste management operations complies with both regional and national short and long term objectives.
  • Detailed and accurate record keeping ensures no negative impact on the long term viability of the site.
  • Our daily deposition of waste is controlled according to a detailed activities schedule.
  • We monitor our vehicle loads while ensuring no hazardous materials are brought onto general waste sites
  • All hazardous waste is disposed of responsibly with permits according to local and national laws.
  • Wherever necessary each day the dumping areas are compacted and covered

Environmentally Conscious

Along with the general waste management services we also supply a number of waste management consumables and equipment; this consist of the normal trash cans with bin liners for offices, accommodation units etc. right through to specialized oil and water separators, containment solutions and absorbents, incinerators, oil waste drums and ecological friendly chemicals.

In equal measure we are also extremely motivated to remain environmentally conscious, this is evidenced with the development of AKO Waste Management Division, which is supported by our National Environmental Management Certificate (NEMC). AKO Group Limited is committed to providing services that enhance and mitigate the risks of environmental degradation.

Service Offerings

AKO offers more than just Catering Services.


Catering Services

The AKO Group is considered a pioneer in the Tanzanian catering industry with a proven track record and longevity in the provision of quality services and solutions.


Housekeeping & Cleaning Services

On top of our general cleaning activities we also specialize in high-rise window cleaning with the use of cradles, robes and with extended water pole system and technology

Laundry Services

The laundry service is managed professionally keeping abreast of technology while implementing cost effective improvements.

We go Extra Mile
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