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Facilities Management Services

Facility Management

AKO Group offers full service turnkey solutions born by default through the administration and maintenance of our own offices, catering and warehousing facilities, construction of prefabricated and tented facilities. Our team of engineers and trades are fully qualified to offer the full range of maintenance services which include and not limited to;

  • Construction along with design and full installation of camps and it’s auxiliary equipment e.g. laundry, catering, water and sewerage treatment plants, power generation supply etc
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Painting, decorating and specialized coatings for both corrosion and marine applications
  • Swimming pool care and maintenance
  • Paving for driveways and pathways
  • Metal fabrication of security gates and burglar bars
  • Security and parameter Fencing
  • General and high-rise window cleaning
  • Garden maintenance

No job is too big or small, as we structure our service solutions around real needs, cost effectiveness and affordability.

Professionally Trained Personnel

Our personnel are well trained, both knowledgeably and in safety measures to perform their tasks well. They are guided by a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) which is a measure used to track, train, prepare and achieve their tasks, safely utilizing the correct tools and equipment required. It also ensures that they are aligned with the proper attire i.e. correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and cognizant of the chemical material safety data sheet (MSDS) instruction and precautions in order to facilitate their job requirements.

Service Offerings

AKO offers more than just Catering Services.


Housekeeping & Cleaning Services

On top of our general cleaning activities we also specialize in high-rise window cleaning with the use of cradles, robes and with extended water pole system and technology

Laundry Services

The laundry service is managed professionally keeping abreast of technology while implementing cost effective improvements.

waste management

Waste Management Services

The professional waste management services that AKO offers its clients is risk free. We take care of your waste while taking care to minimise on any form of environmental impact.