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AKO offers more than just Catering Services.

Auxiliary Services

AKO Group is a solution-based company which offers comprehensive turn-key solutions in which we have derived expansive experience in the provision of the following services; Camp Construction, Appliance Maintenance, Facility Management, Procurement Services, Logistic Solutions, and Safety Solutions. Over the year due to the expansive nature of the business, we developed subdivisions within AKO GROUP in order to ensure that each area of specialization was adequately fostered to promote our core line of business which is Catering & Facilities Management. Through good successive management these sub-divisions of AKO Group have now all become fully-fledged sister companies under the management and leadership of SF Group of Companies, our Parent Holding Company. Highlighted below is each division and its subsequent company name and services provided.

Camp Construction

Strategic Business Solutions Limited

Through close collaboration with our sister companies we are able to construct and build permanent and/ or temporary facilities in remote sites. Our team of engineers and trades are adept in designing, supply and building camps in the most remote areas of Tanzania.

Types of facilities that we have experience constructed are;

  • Security Control Rooms, Security Access facilities, Security Canine Kennels
  • Office Facilities (including Reception, Boardroom)
  • Accommodation Units (Senior Management, Junior Units, Group Bunking Facilities),
  • Cold and Dry Storage Facilities,
  • Catering and Canteen Options
  • Commissary Stores and social clubs/areas
  • Ablution and Shower Units
  • Water management systems
  • Waste management control and segregation areas
  • Integrated Power Generation supply solutions
  • Sports and Leisure Facilities
  • Cold and dry storage warehousing
  • Workshops, Laundries, PPE Stores, Barber Shop and Places of Worship

Facility Equipment/ Appliance Maintenance

Strategic Business Solutions Limited

We also provide equipment maintenance services in accordance to our client requirements. We have a well-trained team of technicians proficient in servicing kitchen, laundry and other equipment. These service initially begun as support service for our remote site equipment, but due to client demand; we also offer service agreements contracts on requisite equipment on our clients site through specialized maintenance contacts.

Procurement Services

Masyl General Enterprises

Our procurement services cover a whole range of supply options which are built around our own experience purchasing supplies, materials and equipment across all our affiliates within the Group of companies. Through our sister company MASYL General Enterprises, wherever possible we institute economies of scale, bulk purchases and where possible we try to buy locally with an ongoing ratio allotment of 70% local, 25% national and 5% international.

Through these procurement initiatives we also look for opportunities to locally fulfill our socio-economic obligations through relevant social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We have various programs in place aimed at uplifting communities in which we derive gain by empowering, training and facilitating capabilities to generate viable products, services and market reach.

Logistic Services

East African Hauliers

This division organically developed as a support service, and is now self-sufficient company boasting a fleet of over 100 plus specialized, heavy and light duty vehicles offering a large range of services for international, national, local and remote site operators. Through our sister company “East African Hauliers’ we offer a full portfolio of logistic handling, freight forwarding solutions for both domestic and international clients.

Safety Solutions Division

Cherry Garments & Safety Solutions

Through yet another sister company within the Group, AKO is able to offer our clients with high quality protective work wear, personal protective equipment (PPE) and Specialized Hazardous Waste Spill Kit Equipment and consumables. Currently our sister company; Cherry Garments & Safety Gear Solutions Limited, carry a huge selection of both international and local brands such as and not limited to: Honeywell, 3M, Optrel, Jonsson WorkWear, Drizit Environmental Oil and Chemical Pollution Control.

The objective of establishing this division and thereafter contributing to its self-sufficiency as a newly established company under Group; was in order to ensure the reliable supply and distribution of quality safety solutions was readily available. This in turn has allowed us to cultivate long-term relationships with existing clients and suppliers, as it has allowed us to achieve customer satisfaction of on-time deliveries and continuous service in the delivery of safety solutions. It has also contributed to the establishment and support of African vendors engaging in the efficient and cost effective supply of safety solutions made locally. The aim being to continually improve the product range and choices readily available both locally and internationally.

We currently have branches in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, Tanzania and will be opening new facilities in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya,

Comprehensive turn-key
Solutions to our clients

AKO Group is a solution-based company which offers comprehensive turn-key solutions
in which we have derived expansive experience in the services we provide.