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Professional Catering - Services

Professionally Prepared Meals

One of AKO Group core business operations is offered through our Catering Services & Solutions. The Company since 1992 has steadfastly built its reputation on the solid foundation of innovative and holistically based solutions in the provision of contrac and commercial catering.

Our catering services is renowned for its attention to detail, its quality and more importantly known for its cost effective service. We firmly believe the catering team at the AKO Group Ltd is exemplary as they go that extra mile, regardless of the level of menu they’re working on. The AKO Group has over 1,000 standard recipes to work with and we strive to ensure that our quality and taste is consistent wherever we cater. While using our standard recipes, our team of professionals have also developed bespoke menus for the one off function or event. We also take pride in developing menus without menu repetition for a set 28-day cycle or more. Our hospital menus in particular are expressly developed around nutritional value and special needs ensuring that the quality of food is delivered to those in need safely and without compromise.

International accredited - Food Safety Management
ISO 22000:2018

All our catering services are strictly controlled
with food safety as a priority to ensure quality, we monitor the entire process using our ISO22000/2018
food safety management system

Quality Services

We bring over 28 years of experience within the catering industry, with food safety as a priority to ensure quality, we monitor the entire process using our ISO22000/2018 food safety management system.

We believe we are unquestionably the best in Tanzania, with well over 1,600 employees. Our Chefs, Bakers, Cooks, Butchers, General Food Handlers, Waiters, Janitors, Drivers, Stores Personnel and Cleaners are continuously being trained using as a basis our ISO 22000/2018 accredited Food Safety Management System.

Service Offerings

AKO offers more than just Catering Services.


Housekeeping & Cleaning Services

On top of our general cleaning activities we also specialize in high-rise window cleaning with the use of cradles, robes and with extended water pole system and technology

Laundry Services

The laundry service is managed professionally keeping abreast of technology while implementing cost effective improvements.

waste management

Waste Management Services

The professional waste management services that AKO offers its clients is risk free. We take care of your waste while taking care to minimise on any form of environmental impact.