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Landscape & Garden Maintenance Services

Garden Maintenance Services

With our skilled garden maintenance team, we offer a program that is suitable to a number of business sectors. AKO generally works on a monthly cleaning and gardening maintenance plan with daily and weekly service schedules. With the AKO Garden and Grounds maintenance service no garden is considered too small or to big whereby we tend to our gardens with care. AKO is a proven garden and grounds maintenance company that offers you more with a variety of garden services. As soon as you contract our unique garden services and become one of our elite customers, managing your corporate or village garden becomes ‘our’ pleasure

The AKO Garden and Grounds Maintenance Services includes but not limited to:

  • Sweeping and cleaning paths, drives and roadways
  • Pruning indigenous trees and Shrubs
  • Mowing lawns and general grass cutting
  • Specialist lawn treatments
  • Golf course management
  • Tending seasonal flower border or planters
  • Invasive plant, pest & disease control
  • Trash policing and management
  • Kitchen garden services with planning and planting

Our Garden services often takes us out of the normal work environment whereby we engage with local communities while developing our corporate social responsibilities initiatives. We currently have projects in progress around the lake region whereby we provide local communities with equipment, seeds, training and most importantly an alternative route to market.

Service Offerings

AKO offers more than just Catering Services.


Housekeeping & Cleaning Services

On top of our general cleaning activities we also specialize in high-rise window cleaning with the use of cradles, robes and with extended water pole system and technology

Laundry Services

The laundry service is managed professionally keeping abreast of technology while implementing cost effective improvements.

waste management

Waste Management Services

The professional waste management services that AKO offers its clients is risk free. We take care of your waste while taking care to minimise on any form of environmental impact.