Men's and Women's Workwear, Work Boots, Safety Gear and Uniform.

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Embroidery, Screen Printing & Digital Transfers From design to completion,we take care of everything.
Brands like Jonsson, Rex, and 3M ,Cherry Workwear , Ako Tought Footwear , Rebel ,Inyati and Honeywell specialize in designing and manufacturing safety apparel to provides protection for vulnerable workers. The selections from Jonsson showcase their flame resistant safety line, while also showcasing the signature Jonsson style and durability. AKO specializes in flame resistant safety apparel, which helps prevent flames from causing serious injuries. Fire retardant materials typically layer near the skin, with a breathable cotton outer shell maximizing workplace comfort. AKO thrives in the safety vest and shirt niches by creating bright orange and yellow colored workwear that keep construction workers out of danger. To enhance the effectiveness of the safety vests and shirts, Ako runs two-inch wide reflective taping around the front and back. If a motorist does not notice the bright colored workwear, he or she surely sees the highly reflective taping.



Our field level consultants work together with you to select the right equipment and safety supplies to ensure a safe work environment. OSHA requires employers to provide workers with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in all operations where employees are exposed to hazardous conditions. We’re here to help you meet that standard.

"AKO Safety Solution Division. Major sellers of High quality Personal protective equipment; Work wear and General safety supplies in East Africa.."

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Remote Site Solution - Camp Management

Work Wear

Rex gloves,ear plugs etc

Facilities Management - House Keeping


Work wear,safety boots,shirts,coats,trousers etc

Ako Group PPE SHOP

Ako Safety Shop

We sell All working clothes and Uniforms

Rex Jonsson Honewell Hi-tec

Honeywell , Jonsson , Inyati , Rex Hitech

Work protective glasses,ear plugs etc

frams Ladies Black Chukka


Safety wear like  Boots gloves  etc.

Ako Group PPE SHOP

Jonsson Body Protections

Body and coverall work wear.

Jonsson cotton work jacket with reflective tape

Safety work coat

Safety Blue Coat.

Jonsson cotton work pant with reflective tape

Safety work Trousers

Safety Blue Trousers with Tape.


Quality working Uniform

We sell standard and classics Uniforms.