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Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Ako group Laundry  is proudly owned and operated by Ako group . We’re a local owned company  focused on providing a Quality, Convenient & Efficient Dry Cleaning service for locals and Mining , Industrial ,Engineering , Construction ,College ,University , Governmental , Private ,oil and Gas  alike.

Conveniently located in all over the Country in Tanzania, Most of Our  Dry Cleaner are  at the closest to most accommodation in Within The locals ,The City , Mining , Industrial ,Engineering , Construction ,College ,University , Governmental , Private ,oil and Gas . Open 7 days a week .

Our Motto Is
“ Clean Fast!”

Completely refurbished in November 2010, our Dry Cleaner has state-of-the-art Dexter front load washers and dryers, Dry Cleaner powder dispenser and an ironing station. Our Dry Cleaner Machines  are  the most clean, modern and comfortable Dry Cleaner in Tanzania with everything you need to get your laundry done quickly and conveniently!

Of course, if you love to hate doing Dry Cleaner, we can take care of it for you! Ako  is ready to assist – In most cases we’ll have your order ready to collect within 2 hours or delivered back to you within the shortest time.


Ako group provides a wide range of specialised facilities management and consulting services, delivering key advice and innovative planning to suit your property needs.


Ako Dry Cleaner within the City like Dar es salaam ,Arusha Dodoma and Mwanza - We offer commercial washers and dryers available for public use at very reasonable prices anytime during opening hours.


All the services we provide are professionally handled with care by our friendly and efficient team. We care about what we can do for you. Our approach to what good service is, is what makes us different to any other laundry service providers in the area.

Laundry - Dry Cleaner
Laundry - Dry Cleaner
Laundry - Dry Cleaner
Laundry - Dry Cleaner