Contract Catering

AKO Group Ltd has pioneered this sectors for more than 28 years, with unmatched experience in delivering quality services to our corporate clients. We ensure that the headache of what will the employees eat is sorted and catered for, reliving our clients and letting them focus on their core business. This sector involves oil & gas, industries, corporate offices, government, military and institutions.

Corporate Events & Functions

A front runner in this area, with the founder renting out tables and chairs to various events in the county around 1992. AKO Group Ltd has evolved and grown to be a full fledged
outdoor  and indoor caterer for major corporate functions and events such as SADC, Inauguration Ceremony for the Rufiji Hydropower project, Mengi Foundation charity event, TCC Family day, TBL Family day, Annual Tanzania Secretary meeting and much more.

Remote Site Services

With renowned clients of more than 12 years plus trusting AKO Group Ltd to cater for their needs in the remotest part of Tanzania. Providing full range facility management services such as catering for the staff, laundry services and housekeeping services.

Facility Management

Another exciting part of AKO Group Ltd is that of facility management, in which we have specialized team to manage cleanliness and waste management for our clients. With an extensive and highly specialized equipments used in various hospitals, mines, offices and camp sites around Tanzania.