3M the customers choice .It takes the right gear to keep your workers protected on construction sites and workplaces. 3M is the right choice for your safety , 3M our New product. That’s where we step in. With expertly chosen safety products, and training services to go with them, more workers go home safe every day. We are the safety supplies company to go to.

Ako Safety Solutions Division, a sister company of Ako Group Ltd, was established more than a two years ago as a safety supplies company to offer construction industry clients safety products, supplies and personal protective equipment. We are fully licensed to sell & service Eye and Face Protection , Hearing Protection ,Body Protection ,Foot Protection , Respiratory Protection , Hand Protection , Disposable Clothing ,Fall Protection ,Gas Detection , Occupational Hand care and Medical Protection in In Tanzania and East Africa.

Our field level consultants work together with you to select the right equipment and safety supplies to ensure a safe work environment. OSHA requires employers to provide workers with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in all operations where employees are exposed to hazardous conditions. We’re here to help you meet that standard.


Science. Applied to Life.™

 Our new brand embraces the science at the heart of everything we do.

You’re looking out for others. We’re looking out for you.

Mining , Constructions Engineering , Airport ,Oil and Gas in Tanzania ,Cleaner water in Mumbai, roadway improvements in London, or lives saved on the battlefield, 3M helps keep everyone safer in a changing world. Across industries and applications as diverse as food, construction, welding body armour, water treatment and traffic, our technology, expertise and energy drive innovative Safety solutions to help you control your environment so you can focus on the job at hand.

"AKO Safety Solution Division. Major sellers of High quality Personal protective equipment; Work wear and General safety supplies in East Africa.."

- Ako group ltd



Rex gloves,ear plugs etc



Work wear,safety boots,shirts,coats,trousers etc



Welding safety equipments etc.



Work protective glasses,ear plugs etc

frams Ladies Black Chukka


Safety wear like  Boots gloves  etc.



Intercepter Hitech work wear.

Master Lock

Master Lock

Safety Lock.

miller revolution tower climbing harnesses


safety belt harness

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Safety Gears(boots and etc).